Welcome to The Totalcare Clinic

The Totalcare Clinic offers a truly holistic treatment center.

The clinic is a multi-disciplinary center which offers Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Western Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture for the treatment of many musculo-skeletal and emotional conditions.

For example, low back pain, neck pain, ligament and meniscal injuries, infertility, depression, irritable bowel and many more.

We also run Pilates and Yoga classes at our practice.  All courses are 6 weeks in duration; each class is one hour long. Numbers are limited to between 6-8 in a class depending on the difficult level of the class.
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With a combined clinical experience of over 25 years, our specialties include


The clinic was opened in 2004 by Mr Ian Stuart and Mrs Michelle McWilliam who both graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. Their wish was to open a complete rehabilitation clinic that would give the patient an insight into their condition whilst providing a valid and effective treatment.

To date their combined 18 years of osteopathic work has linked them with both Southampton and Portsmouth consultants and numerous local Gp surgeries. All of these links allow The Totalcare Clinic to effectively treat many conditions.

The clinic is also proud to announce the opening of the new “Totalcare Studio”, which runs Yoga and Pilates classes through the week. For a full list of the class currently running please look at our Class information.

The use of Yoga and Pilates aids in the rehabilitation of our patients and allows close interaction between all of our practitioners. The clinic provides a continuing rehabilitation program that aids a complete recovery or one that allows the patient to efficiently manage their conditions themselves.